Cách phân biệt ‘lose’ và ‘loose’

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Cách phân biệt ‘lose’ và ‘loose’
Nhiều người vẫn thường xuyên nhầm lẫn hai từ này vì có cách đọc gần giống. Clip phân biệt sau đây sẽ giúp bạn nhớ sự khác nhau giữa chúng.

“Loose” and “lose” are two completely distinct words, with different meanings and pronunciations. Getting them wrong means that people might not understand what you mean or they’ll criticize you for poor spelling. In the interests of good English and reducing confusion, here are the differences between lose and loose, as well as some advice on how to choose the right spelling.

Cách phân biệt ‘lose’ và ‘loose’

Cách phân biệt ‘lose’ và ‘loose’

  Lose” (which rhymes with booze) is a verb, meaning ‘to be unable to find or keep something; to have less of something; to fail to win’. It can take the other forms of: lose, losing, and lost.

For example:

– She grabbed Mark’s hand so she wouldn’t lose him in the crowd.

– ‘He said that workers will also lose money by staying away from work.

– In high stakes poker, the first man to blink when bluffing loses.

Here’s a tip: if the word you want is a verb with any of these meanings, then you always spell lose with a single O.


“Loose” (which rhymes with goose) can be a verb, adjective, or noun. It’s main verb meaning is ‘to release something’ and it can take the other forms here of loose, loosing, and loosed. As an adjective, it means either ‘not being firmly fixed; not strict or exact; not tied up or shut in; not tight-fitting’.

The comparative is looser, and the superlative is loosest.

– The farmer had three loose teeth.

– Don’t worry about your hair – let it hang loose.

– It seems like a rather loose interpretation.

– Paul was dressed in a loose shirt, trousers, and brown boots.

As a noun, loose mainly occurs in the phrase ‘on the loose’ which means ‘Having escaped from somewhere; not confined any more.’


For example:

– Two convicted murderers are on the loose right now.

Here’s a tip: if you know that the word you want is an adjective or noun, the spelling is almost certainly ‘loose’ with two Os.

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